Wilfried Engemann: Homiletics. Principles and Patterns of Reasoning

Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston 2019, 578 S.

(ISBN: 978-3-11-044025-6)

In dialogue with the theological disciplines as well as with closely related human and philosophical sciences, this standard work sets out criteria for a contemporary culture of preaching. The assumptions, arguments, models, perspectives and methods for analyzing sermon process are presented in an understandable form. Figures and practical guidelines offer helpful illustrations. This comprehensive and engaging format makes this volume a supportive  textbook, a reliable reference work and a stimulating aid for preaching – all in one.

"A wealth of important insights and elegant solutions to problems."
Zeitschrift für Praktische Theologie

"A work that provides students with a reliable introduction and those familiar with the current discourse with rich material for discussion." Theologische Literaturzeitung

"The book has everything that could be required of a genuine introduction to homiletics."
Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift

"A standard reference book with many suggestions for the homiletic process!"
Zeitschrift für Gottesdienst und Predigt